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Refund Policy

The return policy of India Infotech is a little bit different when it comes to the services that are provided. You are asked for to make reference to the specific return policies for collecting further information about the various refunds that implement for the different solutions. There is no assurance provided by India Infotech . as far as reimbursements for termination of a particular support is involved.

India Infotech is bound to act on the basis for the contract that has been finalized between the consumer and India Infotech . There are no reimbursements provided for deal expenses or for the resources that are spent on the search engines as well as for solutions that are already provided or for that issue various expenses that cannot be retrieved by India Infotech , and the return of which results in a loss for India Infotech.

All of the hosting services at India Infotech are provided yearly basis for our customers. Please take into consideration that no reimbursements are provided for extra solutions, set up charges and expenses, IP addresses, disk charges and data transfer useage or an consideration that has been closed due to terms of our conditions.

We offer non-tangible irrevocable products, this is why our Return Policy is conditional, and reimbursements are permitted only if bought item is not as described, namely:

If the item you have bought does not have functions and performance as described at www.indiainfotech.org web page.

After we have identified that these functions could not be applied with the application (to prevent any such scenario or misunderstanding, please create reference to "Frequently Requested Questions" and Guides at www.indiainfotech.com web page and/or get in touch with us to create sure that we can indeed offer the solutions that you desire).

Client's inability to use bought product(s) due to deficiency of required abilities does not require us to provide a return, such as, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

Inability to use management tools due to deficiency of web web browser utilization skills;

Inability to change Application's look & feel (redesign templates) due to deficiency of HTML knowledge and/or HTML editor utilization skills;

Inability to PHP source information personalization due to deficiency of PHP/MySQL/Smarty development experience.